Amy Poehler Wears Dolls Kill Cheeseburger Sneakers


Amy Poehler will immediately make you chuckle when you take in her grocery-store outfit. Everything about it is totally normal and typical of a gal doing her food shopping at Bristol Farms in LA. She’s wearing a blazer, sweatshirt, and jeans (casual!), a mask with a chain and a hands-free bag (functional!), and then, I mean, there you have it . . . a pair of cheeseburger sneakers.

I think if I owned these kicks — which are on sale at Dolls Kill for $70 and aptly called Extra Cheese Plz — I’d use them to remind myself not to forget some of the items on my list. Like, if I was out of ketchup, lettuce, or bread, these would nudge me in the right direction. Alternatively, I could wear them at 5 p.m. to make my fellow shoppers in aisle six hangry as ever. Would I also use them for a golden Instagram moment on my feed? Absolutely.

But Amy Poehler is Amy Poehler, and she’s probably wearing these shoes just to wear them, and that reason alone. The Parks and Rec actor and comedian is used to making people laugh and clearly saw these shoes as an opportunity to do just that. What a mood booster, Amy! Thank you! And now we want fast food.

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