Biden Not Getting Intelligence Reports


U.S. intelligence officials are not in contact with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s transition team. That’s because the General Services Administration (GSA), has not yet decided who won the election.

In an email statement to NTD’s sister media The Epoch Times, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the agency “follows the statutory direction.”

And that they “would NOT have contact with any transition team until notified by the GSA.”

The GSA previously said they will only initiate the transition when “a winner is clear.”

Under a 1963 law, the GSA is the one that decides when a winner is determined. It then authorizes the president-elect to communicate with federal agencies and provides funding to the transition team.

President Donald Trump says the election is not over. His campaign is fighting legal battles against potential election fraud and illegal actions in battleground states.

NTD won’t call the presidential race until all challenges are resolved.

So far, in states including Michigan and Nevada, lawsuits have been filed containing affidavits of poll watchers and witnesses alleging irregularities and fraud.

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