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Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng marked Brexit last week with an article highlighting the positives of the UK’s departure from the EU. It comes as a report by the Independent Business Network (IBN) chaired by former Brexit Party MEP John Longworth has concluded that the Remainer’s “Project Fear has proven to be Project Delusion”. With the UK poised for a prosperous future as an independent state, readers revealed their anger over the attempts by “Project Fear” to derail Brexit.

One reader revelled in the failed attempts by Remainers and insisted the UK will surpass the EU going forward.

They said: “The only way the UK is going is up, the EU on the other hand is going down.”

Another said: “Remainers fell for the lies. They didn’t know what they were voting against.”

A third added: “Let’s get real here, six months out and there are those who would make judgments on Brexit.

“As I see it, it’s nothing like those prophets of doom would have us believe, yes some remaining problems to overcome, but long term diagnosis is looking good, unlike the EU’s future.”

Another added: “It’s funny how Remainers can never come up with a single coherent argument for why the UK should not be an independent self-governing democracy.

“It’s why they resort to project fear constantly even though it never works.”

In his article, the Business Secretary claimed the UK is now poised for decades of growth and economic certainty out of the EU.

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In particular, Mr Kwarteng claimed the UK will now be able to shape its own laws, encourage development in research and development and remove all state aid obligations to the EU.

He said: “Every step of the way, we’re doing everything we can to ensure the UK is the best place in the world to start and grow a business.

“To this end, we set up the Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform to help shine a light on how we can best use our new-found regulatory freedoms, and we will be responding to their proposals as soon as practicable.

“Our new Brexit Opportunities Unit will ensure we drive home these advantages, making the most of the economic and political opportunities of Brexit to enhance our dynamic, free enterprise economy that embraces the instincts and know-how of the private sector.

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“We are laying the foundations so we can build back better from the pandemic – and the initial signs are positive.”

He also highlighted the 68 trade deals agreed since the start of last year with the latest one with Australia which has set the UK on the path for joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

He added: “We are making this country a truly Global Britain, and that fact is epitomised by our presidency of COP26 – driving forward our green industrial revolution globally as we look to eradicate our contribution to climate change.

“Again, this leadership means more opportunities for Brits – take the announcement from GE Renewable that they would be investing in offshore wind off Teesside, bringing up to 750 jobs to the area.

“This is just a taste of the progress we have made in the five years since we voted to take back control. Just think what we can hope for in the next fifty.”

Last week marked five years since the country voted 52 percent to 48 to leave the EU.

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