Chris Eubank Sr, 54, was overwhelmed with joy when he tried KFC bargain bucket for first time in hilarious viral video


Chris Eubank Sr made it to the age of 54 without having ever eaten KFC.

The British boxing legend, now more accustomed to the finer things in life, enjoyed his first taste of the famous fast food in a UNILAD social media video published in August.

Initially, Eubank was baffled by the prospect of eating his meal out of a bucket.

He even jokingly asked if they had red wine sauce and had to settle for the classic gravy.

The taste of his first sip of Tango ‘in 35 years’ began to win him over though.

Eubank was so delighted to relive the drink of his youth that he jumped up onto his seat and shouted, ‘This Tango is big,’ in delight.

Eubank Sr clearly enjoyed the meal

Eubank Sr clearly enjoyed the meal

After having his first bite of a KFC drumstick, he of course branded it ‘stupendous’.

He also gave a positive verdict on the gravy, even though it was not the red wine sauce he had hoped for.

All in all, Eubank branded the experience ’10/10, stupendous’ and was overwhelmed with joy, dancing along the way.

You can watch a clip of the video above and view the full thing here.

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