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The Independent SAGE member has warned Boris Johnson’s Government needs to keep coronavirus cases down and close the UK border to maintain a lid on the virus. The expert has warned that despite the blistering pace of the vaccine rollout, not enough people have been fully vaccinated to prevent a surge in Covid. In order to keep the number of cases down Dr Haque called for all leisure holidays abroad to be halted and for the test and trace system to be reformed.

Dr Haque told TimesRadio: “I am sick to death of this open and close, the complete lockdown or the complete release.

“What we need for this government to do is to keep cases down.

“Frankly vaccinations is not enough right now not at the rate which we are rolling it out as much as we are rolling it out.

“It is not enough and that is because the government needs to close the borders.”

The health expert continued: “We need to stop leisure foreign travel right now.

“On top of that we need to reform the test, trace, and isolation policies.

“They are frankly not fit for purpose.

“So the government at the moment are really not doing very much in that way.”

He added: “There may be a false sense of security for some time, and that’s our concern.”

Other health experts have called for the next stage of lockdown lifting to be delayed.

Professor Christina Pagel told BBC Radio 4 last week: “If we can just delay step four of the roadmap until we have a much higher proportion of people vaccinated with two doses we are in a much much better position. 

“We are only two months away from that. You know it is not long to wait.

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