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The European Union took charge of the distribution arrangements after initially failing to devise a joint response to the continent-wide crisis the pandemic caused. Failure to secure enough doses earlier on prompted member states to question the ability of the bloc to deliver for all EU27 as Brexit Britain pushed ahead with inoculations. Italy’s columnist Vittorio Feltri lashed out at Brussels being a “bureaucratic wreck” as he insisted the UK had shown the way to ensure the virus is tackled entirely.

In an editorial for his Libero newspaper, Mr Feltri said: “Let me point out to Draghi that, if we are up to our necks with Covid, we owe it to the fact that we have entrusted the Union with the task of purchasing and distributing vaccines.

“Unfortunately, they do not come to us except in bits and pieces, that is, in an irrelevant number or insufficient to cover the needs”.

“It is proof that the highly praised EU, in reality, is a bureaucratic wreck not even able to look after the health of peoples.”

He continued: “England, thanks to Brexit, has arranged for itself to procure the vaunted jabs, and is set to solve the problem of the terrible disease.

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“The issue is dramatically simple: the lack of salvific doses causes despair.

“It is quite evident that the responsibility for the disaster lies with Europe; unable to buy the antidote on the market and assign it to member countries.”

In addition to the disruption sparked by the lack of sufficient vaccine doses, Italy has also been recovering from its latest political crisis which resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in early February.

Former European Central Bank director Mario Draghi secured the confidence of both Senate and Chamber of Deputies earlier this week after praising the EU’s efforts and warning about the risks of quitting the bloc for Italy.

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But despite Mr Draghi’s appeal, calls for Italexit – Italy’s withdrawal from the European Union – have increased over the past few months.

Gianluigi Paragone, the founder of the Italexit Party, joined forces with Frexit proponent Charles-Henri Gallois to form an alliance aimed at the dismantlement of the European Union.

Speaking to earlier this month, Mr Paragone said: “Usually when people talk about the United Kingdom in Italy they tell big lies.

In the sense that they are always there to tell the story, that the Italian press obviously really likes, that the British regretted the referendum and Brexit.

“It is easy for me to recall that the British not only voted to Leave in that referendum once, but the Leave vote was also substantially confirmed in subsequent votes.

“So I think the British are still strongly convinced and have made a conscious choice.”

He continued: “What the British have saved financially could be the subject of food for thought.

“I don’t understand why we have to continually wake up to give Europe more and more in order to have a return of a few euros in the net balance and certainly with those few euros you will not recover from the crisis.

“So I believe that there is great fear in Italy when it comes to Great Britain and the choices it has made.”

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