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Much of Europe is fighting a third coronavirus wave with deaths and hospitalisations rising. However the EU’s vaccination programme is lagging significantly behind the UK’s.

Whilst Britain has given at least one jab to around 45 percent of its population the average EU figure is closer to 14 percent.

In a bid to boost production the European Medicines Agency has approved three new vaccine production plants on the continent.

These include an AstraZeneca facility in the Dutch city of Leiden which will produce the Oxford University vaccine.

However on Thursday EU leaders warned they could prevent vaccine doses from reaching the UK, including from the Leiden plant.

They argue Britain has failed to export enough vaccines to the EU and are angry at AstraZeneca after the company announced it would supply Brussels with less jabs than expected. readers reacted with fury to the EU’s provocative move.

One said: “Since leaving the EU they have only one aim in mind and that is to destroy the UK as punishment for leaving.

“They know the EU party is over so like a struggling drowning man they are determined to drag the UK down with them.

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A third posted: “Does this, if true, effectively create the EU ‘nationalising’ a private company?

“That MUST be against all the rules of ‘free trade as per the only trading bloc in the world playing at being a country.”

Boris Johnson has urged the EU not to prevent vaccine exports from reaching Britain.

For now the EU hasn’t implemented a complete ban, as some leaders wanted, but has given member states the power to confiscate vaccines if they wish to.

Earlier this month Italy seized 250,000 AstraZeneca vaccines which were ordered by Australia.

Whilst most readers hit out at the EU one did suggest there should be more British dialogue with Brussels.

They said: “As far as I can see, there is little of the spirit of cooperation between the EU and the UK.

“At our level we can work together constructively but this is made difficult by those at the top who seem to be trying to score points of each other.

“The result is harm to both sides. One of the harms is hindered supplies.

“Britain does have intellectual rights over the vaccine that was invented by the Oxford scientists.”

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