Hafthor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall postponed as ‘The Beast’ suffers ‘serious injury’ to delay battle with Thor


The highly anticipated strongman showdown between Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall has been postponed due to a ‘serious injury’ to Hall.

It has not been specified exactly what the injury is, but advisers MTK Global announced that the bout has been postponed from its September 18 date as a result.

A statement from MTK read: “Eddie Hall has suffered a serious injury during training, meaning his planned September showdown against strongman rival Thor Bjornsson has been put on temporary hold – but the rest of next month’s card will go ahead as planned…

“Thor could also remain on the card against an opponent to be announced, with work currently ongoing behind the scenes to try and make this possible.

“CoreSports has also confirmed that anyone who purchased the PPV will see their purchase not only remain valid for when Hall vs. Thor is rescheduled, but they will also receive the original September 18 event for free.

Bjornsson has shed a huge amount of body weight for his foray into boxing

Bjornsson has shed a huge amount of body weight for his foray into boxing

“Fans who have purchased tickets for the event will soon be emailed by their point of purchase, where they are given the option to keep their tickets or apply for a refund.

“More information on the event in September, along with a new date for the showdown between Hall and Thor will be announced in due course.”

In 2017, Hall was crowned the World’s Strongest Man.

Bjornsson followed this up by winning that very same title in 2018, beginning their rivalry.

Hall’s body change has also been remarkable

Eddie Hall Instagram

Hall’s body change has also been remarkable

Last year, Bjornsson broke Hall’s deadlift world record of 500 kg (1,100 lb) by deadlifting 501 kg (1,105 lb).

This has stoked a bitterness between the pair which will be settled in the ring.

Unfortunately though, they will now have to wait for this opportunity,

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