How a Small US Town Is Leading the Way in AI, Robotics, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Technology, AI, robotics. We don’t always see it, but these days we are always surrounded by it.

In the wrong hands, robots can be hacked, manipulated, or even programmed to kill.

And will robots replace our jobs, or will they create a new industry requiring new workers to learn new skills?

We went to a most unlikely place, away from all the tech centers, to find out where the future of technology, AI, and robots are taking us in the fourth industrial revolution. The most encouraging thing we found was good people who are working hard to stay ahead and keep us safe in the race of technology.

Hosted by award-winning documentary filmmaker and author Kay Rubacek, LIFE & TIMES travels the nation to bring you the hopeful stories behind the biggest news of today.

From NTD News.

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