How to budget 2021: Britons can ‘budget better’ using their mobile banking app | Personal Finance | Finance


“If your mobile banking app doesn’t already do this, you can choose to set some time aside to figure out exactly where your money has gone in the previous month, but this could prove rather time consuming – let the technology do the work, right?”

Have your monthly spending projected

Mobile banking apps allow savers to now only track their current spending and saving, but allows them to receive a prediction of where their habits will lead their bank book.

“Likewise, where some apps track where your well-earned money has ended up, some also generate a monthly projection of how much you’re likely to spend the following month,” Mr Mugleston explained.

“Not only does this take the hassle out of trying to do this manually, but it means you already know exactly where your money will be heading, allowing you to then budget accordingly and – best of all – have complete control, which makes us feel more relaxed when logging onto our banking apps.”

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