Inheritance tax: ‘Much more’ work needed on the bereavement process following rule changes | Personal Finance | Finance


Similar sentiment was shared by Nick Cousins, the CEO at probate specialists, who welcomed the changes.

Nick noted anything that can reduce the administrative burden for those dealing with bereavement is good news, but further action is still needed.

As he explained: “The bereavement process – a big part of which is handling probate and inheritance tax – is a slow and stressful one, made even more challenging by the fact that the person is often grieving while attempting to navigate all administration involved.

“Our Probate Prospects report shows that even legal professionals working in the area agree, with the vast majority saying they feel the process does not work as it should, admitting the time it takes to complete probate is unacceptable.

“On average, probate takes around three months, but for one in 14 people it takes a year or more, and these delays are most often caused by hold ups in administration – whether that’s the discovery process, waiting for institutions to get back with the information needed, or filling in forms.

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