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The Jihadist group, ISIS, has assembled a strategic unit focused on planning terror attacks on the West. An expert, speaking to The Daily Star, has revealed the terror-group is covertly building a new caliphate in “silence”. The US has said the death cult is regrouping in the Middle East.

Washington has said the group’s new leader Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi has recruited up to 10,000 new fighters.

The Pentagon has warned that ISIS could unleash a new reign of terror as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Counter-terrorism expert at Global Risk International, David Otto, said the new ISIS “strategic” unit is tasked with planning terror strikes in Western cities.

During the last days of the ISIS “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq, the terror organisation lost most of its high-ranking members.

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It is believed that he is keeping the profile of the group low while they recruit new fighters.

Mr Otto added: “What they are doing now, they are not talking about the caliphate, they are building one in silence.”

The new ISIS leader has not been named in any of the group’s propaganda, this is due to avert assassination attempts.

Mr Ottos added: “I think what is happening now is a leadership that is working underground and not saying much to the external world.

“Once the leader becomes very vocal he’s going to become a legitimate target.”

The US has recently described the Islamic State’s sprawling financial network.

The group is currently using “logistical hubs in Turkey” to move cash between countries, US intelligence has claimed.

These financial movements are also happening between Syria and Iraq.

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