Khloe Kardashian photo update – Unedited bikini picture is Kardashian property and must not be shared online, family say



Before the photo controversy, Khloe was reflecting on some of her teenage antics.

In an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show last week, she recalled how she swiped mom Kris Jenner’s car aged 16 – and it ended up on fire.

“I stole my mom’s Range Rover, not in the middle of the night, it may have been nine or ten, but she was already asleep, and I snuck out,” Khloe said.

“I stuffed my bed with pillows — I just knew I was wiser than anybody else.

“I went to a party at a hotel, and I parked my car. The valet comes knocking on the door and they are like, ‘Excuse me, there’s this car on fire, and your car is next to it and it’s burning half of it’.”

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