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Mr Macron is concerned about the spread of the Indian variant of coronavirus which has propagated in the UK. However, a prominent commentator believes Mr Macron’s plan is motivated by an “ongoing war to try to punish us for Brexit”. The news of Mr Macron’s ban comes as the World Health Organisation confirmed the UK had 12,466 new cases of coronavirus and France had 82,237.

Mr Macron’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic within his own nation has been criticised.

The latest data published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control shows that in week 19 of 2021 just 0.7 percent of new cases in France were sequenced to establish what variant they were.

In comparison in the UK, 50 percent of cases are now sequenced.

This means that there is more chance of British health officials detecting a new variant than those in France.

The UK is also carrying out more research and sequencing of new variants than in other European countries.

In many EU nations sequencing appears to have declined.

In Germany the current percentage sequenced has fallen from 7.5 percent to 1.2 percent.

In Spain the amount of samples sequenced has fallen from three percent to zero percent.

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“We can go on holiday elsewhere.

“But the people he will be damaging most will be those who work in France’s own tourist industry.

“Look how keen Spain is to open up its borders to British tourists.

“The mayors of Mediterranean resorts know what side their bread is buttered.”

Mr Clark’s Twitter account abounded with comments relating to Mr Macron’s British travel ban.

One follower said: “He’s got an election to win

“Not every leader can let the virus run riot on the back of another four years and an 81 seat majority you know!”

Another said: “France needs the UK more as the UK needs France.

“But Macron may not be the right president for this vision.”

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