Meghan Markle fans outraged at ‘torrent of abuse’ over claim Archie snap ‘upstaged’ Louis | Royal | News


Fans and supporters of Meghan and Prince Harry took to Twitter to protect the Sussexes from online attacks in the wake of the publication of a snap with her child. The timing of this picture’s publication sparked criticism by some social media users, who accused the Duchess of trying to overshadow Prince Louis’s birthday.

However, as her supporters noted, the photograph hasn’t been planned by the Sussexes and was taken by a paparazzo, with the Duke and Duchess left powerless over when or where it would be released.

One wrote: “The sad part of Archie’s paparazzi photo being online is Meghan will be accused of sending it out to coincide with Louis birthday.”

Another said: “Press takes a picture days ago and releases it today.

“Meghan Markle and Archie receive a torrent of abuse.”

A third added: “Not Royalists getting annoyed that papa snapped a shot of Meghan and Archie walking down the street. They’re so pathetic.”

Another pleaded not to bring hate upon Archie, saying: “All these royalists need to leave Archie alone.

“He is, after all a child. Meghan is not trying to upstage Prince Louis.”

In another tweet, this royal fan added: “It’s in different parts of the world why do you care so much.

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“Some people in the world care about Louis, and some Archie. Leave it as it is.

“And the pic of Archie shouldn’t even be there.”

Finally, another supporter argued the Duchess of Sussex should be free to leave her home without being afraid of being photographed and later accused of upstaging other members of the Firm.

They said: “So Meghan shouldn’t be out and about because a child in another continent is having a birthday picture plastered on a tabloid?

“Am sorry the world is ready to accommodate anyone who breathes that includes Meghan and Archie. If they get more attention take that up with the media.”


While many fans of Meghan and Harry were delighted to see a new picture of Archie, others urged not to share it online to protect the Sussexes’ privacy.

One wrote: “Please #SussexSquad don’t post or retweet Archie’s pic.”

Paparazzi caught Meghan walking in California while holding Archie in her arms.

The Duchess of Sussex looked casual in a pair of jeans, a military green jacket, pointed-toe nude flats and a black shirt, under which could be seen her prominent baby bump.

While holding Archie, the Duchess of Sussex was also carrying what looked like a lunch bag with planets on it.

Her adorable son wore a black beanie, large cream-coloured sweatshirt, rolled jeans which showed baby blue socks and white trainers.

The baby, who will turn two on May 6, was also carrying on his shoulders a green backpack, leading to think he may be attending nursery school or daycare.

The paparazzi shot was published on US publication Page Six ahead of Prince Louis’s birthday – who is turning three today.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge publicly marked the birthday of Prince Louis by sharing a picture taken by Kate earlier this week.

In the snap, the smiling prince is on a red balance bike.

Taken before he was leaving for his first day of nursery school, the picture shows Prince Louis wearing a buttoned-up striped shirt, a blue jumper and shorts.

The smartly dressed royal, who has been enrolled at Willcocks Nursery School, is also carrying a backpack on his shoulder.

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