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A National Insurance number is likely to hold significant importance for Britons, as it helps with tax, as well as the right to work in the UK. While many may not be actively using their National Insurance number every day, it is vital for various reasons. This is why, then, some people may be panicked when receiving a call telling them their National Insurance number has been used for organised crime.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has recently warned people are putting their finances in danger by responding to this call. 

Katherine Hart, a Lead Officer at the CTSI, said: “This scam is despicable in its attempt to scare the public with the threat of losing their National Insurance number at this challenging time for everyone.

“It’s astounding these unscrupulous scammers refer to unethical transactions as the reason.

“If you receive this call, do not ever press one and please warn others about it.”

“It says my National Insurance number is involved in serious organised crime and is about to be suspended. It’s a scam – do NOT press one!”

A second said: “I got one of those calls just yesterday. It sounds authentic, I hope nobody falls for it.”

A third stated: “I received a scam call a couple of days ago saying my National Insurance number was ‘cancelled’.

“My friend got the same call today, she said her brother had one the other day, too.

“The first half of the number is always the same as the recipient’s. Look out.”

And a fourth wrote: “Just received a recorded message saying the NCA are about to suspend my National Insurance number. 

“There are so many scams out there so we need to be aware and on our guard!”

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