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0 readers voted in our online poll which asked: “Should Britons boycott The Crown after royal backlash?” Some 82 percent of respondents said yes, with just 18 percent disagreeing.

Commenting on this website, one reader fumed: “It’s a work of fiction posing as fact.”

Another blasted: “Never watched it, never will.”

A third commented: “Proud to say I’ve been boycotting the programme from the start.”

Another added: “Watched first episode of first series, halfway through I switched it off. Complete fiction masquerading as fact.”

A fifth said: “Difficult to boycott something I have never watched. Always thought that it was monumentally disrespectful.”

Our poll comes after royal expert Hugo Vickers called for the Netflix series to be axed following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

He said: “I think the whole thing should be cancelled, but it’s not going to be. The whole thing’s just going to go ahead. They couldn’t care less.”

The royal biographer continued: “They can say what they like now because they can’t libel the dead. They’ve done a real disservice and it’s up to someone to put this story right about what he [Philip] was really like.

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“Netflix know it’s not true, because Philip actually travelled out to the funeral with his father. There was no punch up, there was no half-term cancelled for him, his sister was always coming over anyway, it was nothing to do with him. It was the most horrible thing to happen in his life.”

Royal commentator and film critic, Richard Fitzwilliams, added: “The programme does take outrageous liberties. The episode that deals with the tragic death of his sister Cecile, Prince Philip’s sister was absolutely, despicably distorted.”

Asked if there was a case to rewrite the character, Mr Fitzwilliams said: “There’s always a case to have his character rewritten.

“The overall point is that Philip has not been favourably portrayed and he seems louche, and very ill-at-ease with the role of consort.

“I hope that people still do realise what an extraordinary great Briton he was, with all that energy which he used for the benefit of so many charities, and also his stalwart support of the Queen which isn’t emphasised in The Crown.”

Former Cabinet member and Express columnist Ann Widdecombe added: “I’m not surprised any member of the Royal Family is upset by it.

“I don’t watch it because I don’t like entertainment presented as fact, and I think that is what is being done here.

“I think there’s a case for looking at the rules for having to put a disclaimer on that, saying ‘This is not a factual, historical series’.

“I urge everyone to give it a miss. Netflix only make money from it because you’re watching it.” polled 6,735 readers on April 25.

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