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Speaking to Fox News, Nick Bullen, a royal expert and filmmaker, told how the monarchy will survive the ordeal, sparked by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s allegations of racism. “The monarchy can survive this interview without a doubt,” said Mr Bullen.

“There is not an inkling within me that would suggest that anything but survival is possible for them.”

The news comes as The Mail on Sunday reported that a diversity tsar would be appointed to modernise the Monarchy.

The report stated that Bucking Palace will “seek independent view” to help assess and improve their approach to diversity.

One of the most concerning allegations to come out of the Oprah interview was the revelation that a senior member of the Royal Family expressed concerns over the potential colour of Archie’s skin.

“Look, this is bad,” said Bullen, “This is shocking. This is awful. And it’s really sad. But the Queen has been incredible in navigating these great personal and public disasters faced by the family.”

Last week, Prince William categorically denied any notion that the Royal Family is a racist family.

While visiting schools in East London, the Duke of Cambridge said: “We’re very much not a racist family.”

Mr Bullen continued to argue how the Royal Family will survive the crisis, citing how they handled the death of Princess Diana.

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Mr Bullen continued: “Even in the last hundred years, the family has always survived after facing any kind of crisis thrown at them.

“This is just another crisis they will have to go through.”

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