Russia hacking row: US imposes sanctions amid cyber-attacks, but what is the latest news? | World | News


The US has published a vast amount of information about Russian intelligence activities.

This information includes naming front organisations suspected of hacking and naming individuals associated with Moscow in recent years.

The US aimed to send a signal and impose costs on Russia with the sanctions – making it harder for the country to operate as it has been doing and deter future activity.

One Russian tech company which supports the Federal Security Service (FSB), but also does work for foreign governments and international companies, stands accused of hosting “large-scale conventions that are used as recruiting events” for two Russian intelligence services.

Another IT company was accused of undertaking “research and development in support of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service’s (SVR) malicious cyber operations”.

One organisation which calls itself a “news agency” has been accused of being run by a unit of Russian military intelligence (GRU).

Individuals such as Konstantin Kilimnik, a political consultant who is accused of having a role in election interference from 2016 to 2020.

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