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Shaun Bailey is the Conservative Party’s candidate to replace Sadiq Khan as London Mayor. Mr Bailey told ahead of the upcoming Mayoral election in May 2021 that London is not a Labour city and needs a fresh start.

Mr Bailey said: “He is polling 8-10 percent behind the Labour Party.

“People are not interested in him, everybody knows we need a fresh change, they are fed up with him.

“I will give you a real thing, one of my Labour spies tells me that when they do his connect calling, they do not mention his name once, his name is not even on the script.

“His party is ashamed of him because his performance has been so bad.

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“That kind of notion is very powerful, London is not a Labour city.”

Mr Bailey continued: “London is a city that needs a fresh start, London is a city looking to move in a different direction.

“I think the time is right to give them that direction.” has contacted Sadiq Khan for comment.

The Conservative member of the London Assembly went on to address a number of the London Mayor’s failures.


According to a March Opinium poll for the Evening Standard, Mr Khan is on track to secure a second term as the Mayor of London.

The poll put the Mayor of London on 53 percent of first preference votes.

Shaun Bailey registered 28 percent of the first preference votes during the poll.

The London Mayoral election will be held a month today, on May 6, 2021.

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