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Footage of Scotland fans chanting brutal anti-English songs on the streets of London has emerged on social media since supporters began to flock to London for the Euro2020. Members of the so-called Tartan Army have been caught launching into “all hate the English” as they descended into the Capital to watch the historic Scotland vs England match at Wembley. GB News host Colin Brazier hit out at Scotland’s supporters for their conduct, noting an inconsistency with the Scottish Government’s stance on hate speech.

Mr Brazier said: “It’s quite ironic given the Scottish government’s stance on hate speech.

“One thing I did see a couple of days ago is footage of Scotland fans…I think they probably had a drink.

“Their chanting, I’ll let people join the dots, was ‘if you hate the English…’. I wouldn’t want to be particularly censorious about that.

“It’s people who are all together, had some drinks, are having fun but actually, not least in Scotland, where some of the hate speech legislation is pretty-tightly worded, you do wonder about looking at it in that context.”

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Scotland fans were also spotted outside of a cinema in busy Leicester Square on Thursday evening chanting “if you hate the f****** English, clap your hands”.

The video was shared on Twitter and captioned: “Scottish nationalist diplomacy in action.

“In Leicester Square, whilst blocking the entrance to an open cinema that families use.”

Earlier this year, the SNP-led Scottish Government passed a controversial hate crime law that extended protection for vulnerable groups.

The new legislation introduced a new offense for “stirring up hatred.”

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Co-Founder of the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) Paul Goodwin said: “We are surprised and disappointed that there isn’t a fan zone in London. We thought there should have been more foresight, London is the capital city, the main hosting city for the tournament.

“It’s not just Scotland-England here, it would have been the perfect test if they did have a fan zone, but what happens if it’s France and England or Germany and England in the final, are people going to be content with what they’ve got?

“However we are pragmatic, we’re realists, we totally understand as football fans, but also as human beings in the pandemic, of the big picture.”

There is an outside, socially-distanced fan zone in Glasgow Green with a capacity of up to 6,000 people per day which was organised between the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Uefa.

Capacity at sports pubs and bars will also be limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, and many have been booked up well in advance.

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