See and Shop Dr. Martens Valentine’s Day 1461 Shoes


Dr. Martens has launched two news shoes just for Valentine’s Day. The footwear brand is coming out with new iterations of the 1461 shoe that feels festive, but not in a shoving-lots-of-pink-hearts-down-your-throat kind of way. The new design, which comes in a black version and a white version, is subtle yet festive. The Dr. Martens 1461 Hearts Shoes feature matching heart motifs, designed to be each other’s perfect match.

If you look closely, you’ll notice there are actually a lot of little heart motifs that are sprinkled throughout. There are hearts on the ankle, heart-shaped eyelets, two pieces of heart hardware, and hearts etched into the rubber soles. The shoes even come with sheer ribbon laces. As for the price of the shoes, the new 1461s come in a full range of adult sizing and are priced at $130. Keep reading to see the campaign imagery and shop the collection, which is now available in stores and on

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