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Stephen Lawrence Day helps children and young people make an active difference in their community. The day, organised by the Stephen Lawrence Foundation, celebrates the life of the teenager – described as a “superhero” by his brother Stuart – who was murdered on April 22, 1993. People can contribute to his legacy in several ways from the comfort of their own home.

When is Stephen Lawrence Day?

Stephen Lawrence’s death left a wake of shock and grief, but also a strong appetite for profound change – something activists have worked towards for decades.

The Stephen Lawrence Foundation has launched a drive to commemorate the teen and push for meaningful action every year on April 22.

And there are several ways for willing participants to get involved.

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Spread the word

Education has even more of an impact when people help spread information.

Participants can share what they plan to do on social media and help encourage others to do the same.

Sharing videos, writing a brief dedication, or pictures of activities will go a long way in spreading the word.

Twitter users can include the hashtags #StephenLawrenceDay or #SLD2021 for related posts.

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