The Best Pajamas from Gap 2021


In my opinion, great pajamas are as necessary to your wardrobe as a perfect bra or a classic pair of jeans. It’s absolutely critical to have great pairs of pajamas; they make going to sleep that much more enjoyable, and as someone who loves clothes, I feel uncomfortable going to bed in a mismatched outfit. It doesn’t need to be a full button-down pajama set, but I like things to match, even my loungewear. While shopping one day, I found this pair of pajama pants, the Gap Pure Body Modal Jagger ($31, originally $40) that was simply magical. They were, and still are to this day, the softest, most lightweight fabric I had ever felt, and I knew I had to have them.

Once my friends caught wind of them, they too became obsessed. Now, when we’re stuck on birthday presents, we just pick up a new pair of these pajamas. Complete with a matching shirt and a bottle of wine or a face mask, it’s the ultimate night-in kit, and one that your friends will fall in love with just as much as mine have. They are truly so soft and comfortable, you’ll never want to sleep, or live, in anything else again.

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