Tommy Fury insists ‘fake’ Jake Paul doesn’t have ‘balls’ to fight him and rubbishes ‘DM’ to YouTuber from partner Molly-Mae


Tommy Fury insists he would beat Jake Paul ‘very comfortably’ and addressed the fake DM the YouTuber claimed to receive from his partner Molly-Mae.

After Tyson and Tommy Fury called out the internet sensation turned professional boxer last week, Paul responded with a video of his own.

There is no love lost between Paul and Fury

There is no love lost between Paul and Fury

Right at the end of the video, Paul includes a screenshot of an old private message he claims to have received from Tommy’s girlfriend.

It was dated in 2018, a year before she met Tommy on the hit show Love Island.

But it appears Paul was simply trying to get under Fury’s skin as one fan pointed out the emoji used in the screenshot wasn’t even released until the year after.

And in response to that particular tweet, Molly-Mae responded: “Times must be hard when you’re having to fake a DM….photoshop is scary.”

And speaking exclusively to talkSPORT, Fury – who is looking to extend his unbeaten record to 6-0 next weekend – reiterated that the message in question was indeed fake.

On the fake DM, Fury said: “We all know that wasn’t true. That’s the kind of person Jake Paul is, he tries to come out with all these things.

“He’s got his team in the back working on fake DMs, saying ‘let’s do this and let’s do that’. 

“If he’d checked his stuff and was that good he’d have understood the white heart wasn’t approved until 2019 and the DM was supposed to be sent in 2018.

The YouTube sensation turned boxer went to town on Tommy and his family last week

Instagram @jakepaul

The YouTube sensation turned boxer went to town on Tommy and his family last week

“So he can’t be good at his job very much. That’s the type of person he is but it doesn’t matter to me.

“Fake news is fake news. He’s a fake person who fights NBA fighters. So he’s just fake all round and he’s not going to get under my skin.”

He continued: “I’ve got serious business to attend on June 5, it’s another step in my career and another must win fight. It’s another step along the road.

“Every fight is a world title fight and that’s why I train like it’s a world title fight. I’ve been in Miami with the best.

“I’m in phenomenal shape and training even harder in this last week and even though it’s a four round fight you’ve got to do this otherwise you’re not going to get to the big fights. Every single fight is crucial at this stage.”

Next up for Fury is a bout with journeyman Andy Bishop on the Daniel Dubois vs Bogdan Dinu undercard next month.

Fury has called out Paul with his brother Tyson and Shaq

Fury has called out Paul with his brother Tyson and Shaq

And Paul took aim at Fury for accepting a fight with Bishop – whose professional boxing career record is 0-14 with two TKO losses among them.

But despite the continued war of words, Fury has no intention of changing his career to secure the YouTube sensation another big pay day.

“It’s been an online beef at the minute and that’s all it is because he can’t do anything otherwise. I’ve put it on a plate many times,” Fury explained.

“I’m a fair man and would fight under most circumstances, at the moment all he wants to do is create memes and cause s*** online.

“I haven’t got the time for that. I know he has as he’s an online person. I’m just doing this game for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to fight.

“The thing is with Jake Paul and the Jake Paul fight is that I’ve got my own plan in my head with boxing and beating a social media star doesn’t come into it or really satisfy me.”

On whether he wants to fight Paul, Fury responded: “But if you’re asking me would I like to take the fight? Would it be a comfortable night’s work and would it be beneficial to me? Yeah it ticks every box so why not. 

“I’m going to continue with my career so if he wants to fight, which is highly unlikely as he’s got no balls, I’ll happily take that fight.

“I’m not going to take any detours for Jake Paul in the way I do things. I’m going to keep doing me, training the way I’m training and the fighters I fight to get that experience.

“If Jake Paul comes into it, that’s fine, I’ll happily fight with him very comfortably. It’s a good thing as I don’t have to change what I’m going to do.

“If he wants to fight, it’s here because it’s a comfortable night’s work and very beneficial. I’m not going to start changing my career for Jake Paul.”

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