Vans Teams Up With LGBTQIA+ Creators For Pride Month 2021


Vans hasn’t skimped on its Pride designs — quite the opposite, in fact, with the Costa Mesa, CA, based skater brand consistently offering rainbow prints on its sneakers and colorful apparel. But its 2021 initiative doesn’t market merch to be sold and instead focuses on telling stories of four LGBTQ+ creators that aim to uplift the queer community through their craft.

“It’s awesome to see Vans investing in projects to share with the world, instead of spending all that money on more traditional marketing and commercials.”

These ambassadors — Mich Miller, Sam McGuire, Serena Isioma, and Tyris Winter — talked to POPSUGAR about why they’re proud to partner with Vans and what they hope for fashion inclusivity in the future. The group was photographed getting messy, comfortable, and creative in their own environments, just being themselves. Self-expression is important, and hopefully what they’ve done with their own blank canvases will help inspire others.

As a company, Vans has also committed to donating a total of $200,000 to organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community, including GLSEN, which is a nonprofit that cultivates safe school environments. Throughout the month, Vans will be broadcasting digital live streams on Channel 66 with curated shows by LGBTQIA+ influencers, musicians, and DJs.

Ahead, read snippets from our exclusive conversations with Mich, Sam, Serena, and Tyris, and enjoy the above video that celebrates people and their joy — not products.

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