Watch when Deontay Wilder KOd opponent with punch nobody saw and crowd booed because they thought he took a dive


Deontay Wilder scored one of the most bizarre knockouts of his career when he beat Malik Scott back in 2014.

The heavyweight contender was 30-0 (30 KOs) and closing in on his WBC title shot when he faced the 36-1-1 opponent.

Scott had recently suffered his first ever defeat to Derek Chisora in the UK.

He was known to be a slippery boxer and tough to hit clean.

It was thought he could provide an awkward test for the unbeaten Wilder.

However, this did not turn out to be the case.

Wilder went on to become WBC heavyweight champion

Stephanie Trapp/PBC

Wilder went on to become WBC heavyweight champion

In the first round, Wilder threw a left hook followed by a straight right hand which floored Scott against the ropes.

His senses were scrambled and he was unable to make it back to his feet.

Fans and commentators questioned how the KO had came about and controversy grew around the finish.

As replays were shown on big screens in the arena, fans started booing.

The young Wilder went on a crazy KO streak


The young Wilder went on a crazy KO streak

They were focussing on the finishing right hand from Wilder, which barely grazed Scott’s head.

This led to suggestions that he had taken a dive.

On closer inspection, it was actually the initial left hook from Wilder which caught Scott on the top of the head and ended the contest.

Responding to the controversy, Scott later tweeted: “Congratulations to Deontay Wilder on his victory last night. No excuses!

“I get hit with a left hook directly on my temple by a pure puncher. Now I so-called took [a] dive!”


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